Marketing innovation updates

Marketing innovation updates

Zego help gig delivery

Uber and Deliveroo drivers and riders are set to benefit with expansion from Zego, who offer on-demand insurance for when self-employed couriers are making deliveries.  Start-up brand Zego helps workers in the gig economy to pay for affordable commercial insurance, for only when they are using cars or scooters for work, Butcher (2019). The idea came to two former Deliveroo employees, who noticed that drivers opt-in to work when they have capacity and needed an insurance innovation to meet their needs, Cook, (2019).

Government support extracting Lithium in Cornwall

Cornish Lithium, Wardell Armstrong and the Natural History Museum have won £500,000 of funding to develop lithium extraction from hot brines.  Lithium is important for electric car batteries.  Typically lithium is sourced from nine major countries, including Australia, Chile, China, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Brazil, Namibia and the United States. The funding from the Government will enable a UK domestic supply to commence from Cornwall.

New Jobs for Lilium

The German flying taxi start-up has chosen London for its engineering base and plans to hire high-end software engineering roles over the next five years, Field (2019).  At first Lilium will focus on manned flights, but has plans to develop autonomous flying, along with an app for online booking.  Lilium’s investors include China’s Tencent and the UK’s Atomico.  The announcement coincides with the start of London’s Tech Week, which runs from 10-14 June 2019.

Yulife app offers treats for being healthy

Focussing on business customers and employee life insurance cover, the Yulife app rewards policyholders who complete healthy tasks, such as walking or meditation.  Known as Yucoins, the rewards can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers or Avios air miles, Cotton (2019).

Ocado backs vertical farming

Ocado is working with vertical farming innovators to back the emerging industry, Warrington (2019).  Working with Priva (the Netherlands) and 80 Acres (USA), Ocado have joined to create Infinite Acres.  Vertical farming overcomes climate change risks by growing crops indoors, in controlled conditions, on a series of levels.

Salesforce acquire Tableau

Tableau software is to become part of Salesforce.com to give clients more analytics, information and insights from digital data.