Privacy Policy and Equal Opportunities 

This policy covers the use of personal information which Goldcrest Academy may collect when you visit The policy also gives you information about cookies, how you may reject such cookies and our equal opportunities policy.

Privacy policy

Goldcrest Academy is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you. We adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Legislation in the UK. The purpose of this statement is to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it.

From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address) in order to receive or use services on our website. Such services include booking courses, signing up for newsletters or entering competitions for example.

When you order, we need to know your name, address and email address. This allows us to process and fulfil your order. You have the option to withhold personal information that is not required for the order process.

We use your personal information to update you about new products/services. We will only contact you with your consent. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for commercial reasons, beyond the essential requirement for credit/debit card validation during purchase.

We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with the UK Data Protection Legislation.  We do not collect sensitive information about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it.  In order to maintain the accuracy of our database, you can check, update or remove your personal details by contacting us at or by writing to us at Goldcrest Academy Limited, Victoria House, The Moor, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 4NR.


The Goldcrest Academy website uses a technology called “cookies” as part of a normal business procedure to track patterns of behaviour of visitors to our site. A cookie is an element of data that our Website sends to your browser which is then stored on your system. Many sites do this whenever a user visits their website in order to find out if you have visited before and to track online traffic flows. Information provided by cookies help us to provide you with a better online user experience and assist us to analyse the profile of visitors to the Goldcrest Academy website.

You can set your browser to prevent this happening (check the “Help” menu). Any information collected in this way can be used to identify you unless you change your browser settings.  For further information on cookies please visit

Processing payment

In order to process credit/debit card transactions, the bank or card processing agency may require us to verify your personal details for authorisation outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Your information will not be transferred outside the EEA for any other purpose.

If you have any questions about privacy please contact us at

Equal opportunities

Goldcrest Academy’s aim is to provide equal opportunities for all students.  We are committed to ensuring that students and employees will not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social circumstances or background, religion or age.  We believe in respect, tolerance and understanding of others.  We value diversity and aim to employ and attract students who reflect the diverse community of Kent, London and the South East.

It is our aim for all students to have the opportunity to study subjects that interest them and / or that will help them to progress in their careers.  To this end, we are committed to providing equal opportunities across the courses that Goldcrest Academy offer.

Please see the guidance provided below and do contact us with any queries at

Special education needs and learning support

Goldcrest Academy is committed to offering equal opportunities to all students.  For professional qualifications, we will invite you to a pre-course initial interview (by telephone or in-person) during which we will discuss the course and students requirements.  It is our aim to offer support for those who have learning difficulties or who require additional physical/other support during their assessments.  We may recommend all students undertake an assessment test (voluntary) to assist their learning progression.

If you have any condition or support that you will require, please contact us at or or let your tutor know, so we can put arrangements in place for you.

Data protection for professional courses

Student information will be retained for the purpose of communication and support during their time of studying professional qualifications with Goldcrest Academy Limited, for course progression and for pastoral care.  Students will be asked to advise us which are their preferred means of communication between the tutors, fellow students and for course administration.  We will not disclose your details to third parties, without prior approval.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

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