Get set for 2019 trends that impact on marketers in the South East

Get set for 2019 trends that impact on marketers in the South East

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Ideas for Marketing Trends 2019 | Goldcrest Academy | Marketing Training South East

Marketing Trends to take you higher in 2019

What are the top trends likely to be for 2019?

Here are some useful sources to consider, links are provided:

  1. Whilst subscription is required, Trendwatching.com offer free access to top line research findings.
  2. Insights on tech and cross- sectors predictions from Forbes.com
  3. Smart thinking from Gartner and their top technology trends for 2019

How can you use the findings to help you?

It’s likely you have plans and budgets in place for 2019.  So, these resources help you to keep your finger on the pulse of what the year may bring.  Key tips Goldcrest Academy suggest are:

  1. use it to improve the audit section of your marketing plan
  2. review your customer segments for their requirements – whilst some research has a consumer bias, trends move quickly from B2C to B2B and benefit not-for-profit too
  3. consider how they may impact on innovation plans you have or within your team
  4. sign-up for the newsletter(s), that way the tips come to you
  5. share insights with colleagues to keep the team fresh and focussed

These trends are beneficial for sectors of all types and businesses of all sizes.  If you’d like further ideas from us, sign-up to our newsletter on the home page from here or contact us.  For information on venues we use, find out more here.

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