Insights on postage stamps, staff appointments, channel preferences, chocolate and cosmetics

Insights on postage stamps, staff appointments, channel preferences, chocolate and cosmetics

Content volume impacts on channel popularity

Ofcom research into channel popularity has highlighted the growth of multi-channel viewing Furness, (2019). Whilst online channels (Netflix and YouTube) come top for 18-34 year olds, BBC one is still the top channel for all ages over 18.  Content quality and volume are impacting viewing habits as Brits prefer streaming for programmes to watch on demand.

Royal Mail stamps celebrate trees and nature

To celebrate the Forestry Commission’s centenary in September 2019, the Royal Mail has launched a collection of six forest stamps.  The beautiful commemorative set or single stamps depict UK beauty spots.  Their heritage is valuable as the Forestry Commission was founded to restore the nation’s timber reserves after the First World War.  To buy or see the stamps, view Royal Mail.  The stamps will be available from August 2019.

Page Group see clients hold on new senior appointments

Citing Brexit uncertainty, recruiter Page Group announced that profits were impacted by clients holding back on new senior appointments.  Productivity and conversion rates improved for staff placements, whilst the recruiter counselled that macro-environment trends were presenting challenging markets in 2H2019.  Recruitment placements were positive in Asia, Australia, Americas and some European markets.

Swarovski jewellery designed by Penelope Cruz

Created diamonds, grown in laboratory to mirror natural conditions, are being used in a new atelier jewellery collection designed by the Hollywood actress.  The launch forms part of Swarovski’s move into conscious luxury, with sustainability and innovation as twin focus areas.

Mecca Cosmetica has UK CEO with leading Australasian business

Founded in 1997, the company has 104 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand.  The female CEO, Jo Horgan, was born in the UK but moved to Perth, Australia aged 15.  Mecca Cosmetica staff recommend over 100 brands for clients and the company is exploring international expansion via more stores and ecommerce in Australasia.

Cadbury’s innovate with diet Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers have collaborated for over three years to innovate products through cutting sugar content.  In addition, they have sought to innovate, without adding artificial colours, sweeteners nor preservatives.  The new Dairy Milk will have 30% less sugar, though calorie content remains similar.  Further sugar reduced innovations are to follow with Jelly Babies and Oreos to be announced soon.