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Studying is a journey to personal growth

What is the best way for you to study CIM or CAM qualifications or courses?

Goldcrest Academy take each and every student on merit.  We like to get to know you and your study needs, so we can recommend the best route for you.  We offer study methods which allow you flexibility in how and when you study.

Studying for a professional qualification is a journey of personal growth.  There will be ups and downs as life is a balancing act of  work/life/study and we aim to help you through.  You are seeking to learn more and gain career progression. Your tutor is there to facilitate your studies and qualification assessments.

How to apply for a CIM or CAM course with Goldcrest Academy?

When we discuss your course options, we will ask for a CV and offer the option of the online diagnostic test (see FAQs).  It’s not compulsory but it is great for you to know you are coming in at the right level.  We will chat with you about your CV and/or the diagnostic results. The aim is to gain a whole picture of you and your study aims and work priorities. Our focus is on your attainment so we don’t make arbitrary decisions. Testimonials from past students give you insight on how things work.  From our discussions/interactions with you, we can advise on the best study method for you.

Things that are useful to know

Depending on your course level and study method, you will be spending approximately 6-8 (L3, L4) or 8-10 hours (L6, L7) hours a week studying.  CIM recommend this (on average) so that you have time to cover the syllabus and complete tasks that lead to your qualification.

We recommend ‘smart studying’ so that you apportion time across the week as you complete work projects for example. If you have a busy week or go away on holiday or attend events, you can plan your time to allow catchup.  The goal is to get a good work/life/study balance.

Whether you go for face to face courses (blended/intensive) or distance/virtual learning (online), our focus for you is:

  1. To put you in control of your studies, with a clear course structure that blends flexibility, simplicity and focus at its core.
    Image shows a path across fields

    Studying is a journey to personal growth

  2. Builds in opportunities for feedback to keep you on track with tutor support and guidance
  3. Replicates the real world ie you do have to do the work, plan your time, use a mix of resources and write reports/presentations.
  4. Enables application to your current role, so you can use the skills right away
  5. Offers a strong record of achievement and course completion
  6. Offers commercial practitioners who have experience and topical knowledge.
  7. Builds your skills at work, boosts your CV and career aspirations
  8. Helps you to manage your study time
  9. Builds your network of contacts helping you at work, career and new ideas
  10. Maximises your personal progression, performance and productivity at work.

Above all, we take a genuine interest in you and your career.

So which study method is best for you?

Blended learning ie classes

Our approach to blended learning provides face to face sessions, with individual feedback between course days.  It’s a little bit like a sandwich ie in the class sessions we can cover syllabus areas and then between, we feedback on your individual work (task related).  The class sessions take place at weekends.  We run them on Saturdays from 0930-1530.  There is the occasional Friday (usually with an elective unit).  We aim to time and schedule class days with care, to enable you to complete work, be focussed and have a clear understanding on what you need to do next.  Depending on the unit there is two (CAM) or three days per unit (CIM).  The number of sessions may vary as it depends on the number of credits, assessment method and challenge of the unit.  We will let you know the dates once you have secured funding and are beginning the enrolment process.

Distance/virtual/online learning

The online course is available 24×7, you need to be:

  • self-motivated
  • submit work regularly for feedback (lesson activities)
  • work hard, read around, complete tasks
  • you are working on a stimulating and challenging course to improve your career prospects, so please be aware there is work to do.

In return you will have flexibility on how and when you study.  You can login and access materials from home, work or away.

Distance learning includes online access to lessons, coursebook, tutor support by email and telephone.  This is a flexible way to study, so we design the course to add value during the times you need it ie feedback on lesson activities or course work.  CIM and CAM expect you to read widely, via books, online and study resources.  The quality of your work depends on you reading around the subject.

All courses include 10 or twelve lessons (depending on CIM/CAM course level) with a lesson activity for feedback. Distance learning includes the core textbook and CIM module guides (worth £50 to £70) – please note that CIM module guides are only available for compulsory units.  Tutor support (via email and telephone) with marked homework with written feedback.  A mock exam (if an exam subject) OR assignment support and submission to CIM/CAM.


In summary, what do the tuition fees include?

Image shows a path across fields

Studying is a journey to personal growth

Our fees are inclusive, so blended class sessions include course days (face to face), lunch, coffee, course materials, tutor support and feedback, course textbook per module and CIM module guide (compulsory units only).  Distance or online learning include the same elements, but they do not include face to face classes.  They do not include CIM / CAM membership or assessment entry fees.


CIM and CAM fees

These are in addition to Goldcrest Academy tuition fees.  CIM or CAM fees comprise of two elements ie (1) membership and (2) assessment entry per unit/module can be paid direct to CIM or invoiced by us.  If you download the application form (blue button on each course page), you can select the option for us to invoice you for CIM or CAM fees.  Please make it clear if you would like us to include CIM or CAM fees – this is only available via the self-completion, downloadable form.

Please note that course tuition fees, study options and related CIM or CAM membership and assessment entry fees are detailed in the individual course level summaries/factsheet.  CIM and CAM fees are subject to change and this occurs in April each year.  For more information please click on CIM courses or CAM courses and read further about the course level option(s).  For a copy of a course prospectus, please email us.

Should you have any query regarding information on this website or within our terms and conditions, please contact Goldcrest Academy immediately by email at

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