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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – Goldcrest Academy

What types and levels of marketing and communications courses do Goldcrest Academy offer?

  • Level 3 – first marketing role, wanting to move into marketing.
  • Level 4 – Marketing Assistant – in your first role or wanting to move into this role, Marketing Executive.
  • Level 6 – this is an operational level, but where you begin to explore marketing strategy so this level is appropriate for Marketing Managers or those wanting to move into that role.
  • Level 7 – this level reflects your past qualification and experience and is recommended for those looking to further their leadership skills/gain leadership roles.

Our focus is on helping you develop your career and your company with a portfolio of courses.  A marketing course sets you apart as you are showing to an employer that you are motivated, committed to progression and you can work independently but also within a team context. In competitive job markets, these are valuable skills.  The levels are not fixed but act as a guide and hence we ask to see your CV to help guide you.

The following FAQs are designed to help you but in case there isn’t an answer here, call us on +44 (1)580 236556 or +44 (1)483 600014 or email.  Please note that calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

Marketing courses – what would you like to know?

  1. How do I know what course level I can study?
  2. What is the entry process?
  3. Why do I need to send in my CV?
  4. I have a past marketing qualification, can that count?
  5. When can I start?
  6. What study options do Goldcrest Academy offer?
  7. Where do class sessions take place?
  8. What are the payment options?
  9. How do I apply for a course at Goldcrest Academy?
  10. How much time should you spend studying each week for a marketing course?

How do I know what level course I can study?

All courses are based on entry levels.  This is a combination of past qualifications and experience. The logic is simple, we want you to do well, so we want to make sure you study the best course for you. At the right level.

  • If you are new to marketing, we would ask for details of your last qualification (levels 2-7) to match you with the right course.
  • If you have lots of experience but qualifications were taken some time ago, we can review both your qualifications and experience and recommend a suitable course.
  • If you have an existing marketing qualification, then you should be able to take the next level course.  Level 6 and 7 courses do expect work and career experience, so we can guide you on this.

Any queries, call Kent: +44(0)1580 236556 or Surrey: (0)1483 600 014 or  email

What is the entry process?

Two steps:

  1. We need a copy of your CV, including past qualifications and work experience, email for a quick response.  We can then chat with you on your work and career plans eg finalise entry level – via telephone chat or email
  2. Complete the online application form and make payment  – online.  Then we get you started on your course.

Why do I need to send in my CV?

Your CV showcases your talent!  So we are keen to get to know you, but more importantly, to make sure that you enter at the right level for the  course you plan to study.

The courses are designed to build on your existing experience and past qualifications.  So you can attain, we need to know what courses you have studied in the past so that we simply have your best interests at heart here.

I have a past marketing qualification, can that count?

Yes, let us know on the application form or email when asking about the course to email.

When can I start?

You can start any time (we have rolling course dates).  We develop the courses for motivated learners, with self-paced, smart and flexible studying – you can choose when and how you want to study at home, work or away.

What study options do Goldcrest Academy offer?

We provide

  • virtual learning (online/distance) – with a clear course structure, recommended activities, 


  • blended learning (classes or intensive, which are face to face, held at weekends and/or online) – select the study location closest to you

Our fees are inclusive to help you budget;  the class session(s) include coffee.

Where do class sessions take place?

Venues offer easy access across South East England and from the M25.

Course dates and venues are provided with course information and we provide them during induction too.  All venues are close to motorways and train stations for easy access.  Parking is available on-site – please register your car registration at Reception as the hotel may have parking restrictions.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to check parking rules on arrival at the venue, including reading external signage and checking with Reception on arrival.  Accommodation is available onsite at each hotel, should you need to arrange this.

What are the payment options?

Payment can be made by faster payments/BACs, credit or debit card via the online application form.

If you are self-funding your studies, please let us know by sending us an email.

How do I apply for a course at Goldcrest Academy?

There are two options:

Once we know your entry level, booking is easy

  1. Option one:  Online booking – simply complete the application form, attach CV and submit with payment to Goldcrest Academy.
  2. Option two:  Download the form, complete it and email in with CV to email – we will then review your CV and confirm next steps.

If you have any queries, call us on Kent: +44(0)1580 236 556 or  Surrey: +44(0)1483 600 014 or email

How much time should you spend studying each week for a marketing course?

We recommend that you study (each week) a minimum of 2-4 hours at L3, L4 and 2-6 hours at L5,L6,L7.  We believe in smart studying, so we aim to focus your time to maximise your efforts. In practice this means that you parcel up studying across the week, often completing some as part of your work day tasks/activities.  You have flexibility to choose when to study, so you can opt to do some study at weekends.  The aim is to help you to plan your time and effort well.

Please remember that you will need access to a computer/tablet/smartphone with broadband to study your course.

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