Updates for marketers and innovators on City brands, tech language, new aerospace college, luxury boutique and music

Updates for marketers and innovators on City brands, tech language, new aerospace college, luxury boutique and music

Saffron City Brand Barometer 2019 results

Using quantitative and qualitative measurement, Saffron reviewed 75 globally important cities to assess them on assets and brand value to identify their place brand rankings, Warrington, (2019).  The top ten for 2019 feature usual suspects including (from 1 to 20): New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dubai, Boston, Washington DC.

Upcoming cities include (from 11 to 20): Berlin, Madrid, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Toronto, Vienna, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Copenhagen.

What types of factors help cities make the grade?  Financial aspects including GDP per capita PPP, innovation, ease of doing business/starting, connectivity, sustainability, business audience perceptions, quality of life, policy making, buzz and creativity as examples. Ones to watch for the future include Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Marseille and Bangalore.  Want to know more about cities world-wide, find out more here.

Digital language takes over from words of the natural world

The University of Leeds, in a study commissioned by the National Trust, have studied informal conversations among members of the public, comparing words used in the 1990s and 2010s.  The findings are intriguing and revealing, words such as field, net, web, tweet, cloud, stream used to connect with nature, now they convey technology language, first. 

Why was the study conducted?  The National Trust, a conservation charity, was concerned that protection for wildlife and green spaces is falling out of conversations, as technological use of words  now reflects what is important to societies or culture, Love, cited by Singh (2019).  The National Trust have launched a fun initiative to help children get back to nature in their 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾.

Bromley Council approve new engineering college

Would-be Aviation and Aerospace Engineers look set to benefit from a brand new specialist college to be built at Biggin Hill Airport, Kent, Bull (2019).  The London Aerospace and Technology College (LATC) is being supported by Bombardier, Gatwick Airport, London City Airport and Virgin Atlantic and will be run by London South East Colleges.  The project will cost £11 million and will be ready to open in Autumn 2020 Sleigh, (2019).  The LATC is to help with the skills shortage among aerospace and aviation engineers.

Luxury boutique Harvey Nichols boosts revenues with revamped Knightsbridge store

Owned by Hong Kong investor, Sir Dickson Poon, Harvey Nichols has shown strong performance on the back of store refurbishment.  With seven UK stores and six international outlets, the brand has refocussed its offer on selective collections from new and established designers.

AI to perform in first concert at the BBC Proms 2019

Three pieces of work, developed by artificial intelligence (AI), are to feature at the BBC Proms 2019.    The innovation fuses human creativity and AI to create music and lyrics for its first airing in concert.  That said, much of today’s music is generated by AI, including playlists, Walshe, cited by Paskett (2019).  Find out more at the BBC Proms which will take place at the Battersea Arts Centre in London, from 19 July to 14 September 2019.