Trends and inspiration for marketers across digital, transport, brand innovations, hobbies and recycling

Trends and inspiration for marketers across digital, transport, brand innovations, hobbies and recycling

Oil price rises impact on Easter holiday for UK drivers at the petrol pumps

Whilst the UK basked in glorious weather over the Easter break, pump prices rose significantly.  According to the AA, a tank of fuel has risen by over £2.40, each time you filled up in March.  Why so?  Oil prices have risen by $10 a barrel since February 2019, raising pump prices to their highest level since 2014.  Supermarket prices for petrol retain best value as oil firm owned stations have passed on the price increase more quickly.

The oil price trend will impact on B2B too as manufacturing prices rises may increase as well, where the fuel is used as a key ingredient in factory produced goods.  Firms will need to decide if to pass on the cost or absorb for customers.

Iconic Harley Davidson impacted by EU tariffs

In 2018, the EU raised import tariffs up to 31% on US motorcycles, impacting on Harley Davidson bikes, Tovey (2019). Harley had also faced the ire of Donald Trump too, when it moved part of its production to Europe to avoid the impact of tariffs. The EU imposed the import duty in response to US tariffs on steel and aluminium imported from the Eurozone.

Reach and attention trends for UK top twenty ranked sites – March 2019, Comscore

UK website rankings, according to Comscore for March 2019, for the top ten, across desktop and mobile (smartphones and tablets) include:

  1. Google Sites
  2. Facebook Group
  3. BBC sites
  4. Microsoft sites
  5. Amazon sites
  6. Reach Group
  7. Verizon Media
  8. eBay
  9. Mail Online/Daily Mail
  10. News UK sites

What is fascinating about the data, when looking at total time spent and average time spent/month, is that Google (21.40 hrs/mins) and Facebook (14.34) have a strong lead over follower sites, with BBC (no.3) at 2.15 hrs/mins.

Whilst Snapchat Inc come in at 17th in the top 20 rankings and has more time spent (4.55), in terms of hrs/min than the BBC sites, its reach is 49.3%, compared to Google 98.5%, Facebook 87.9%, BBC 84.6% and Microsoft with 84.2%.  So what about this data?  Increasing reach and time on sites are obvious twin goals.  Competing for attention is tightly fought among the top five sites, whilst a large gap exists for how long their visitors stay on site, for those ranked 3 to 20.

Thomas Goode benefit from Elton’s love of porcelain and entertaining

Luxury china, silver, glass and tableware purveyor, Thomas Goode has a new investor, Elton John, Onita (2019).  A passionate collector of porcelain, Elton invested as Thomas Goode of Mayfair, London is a favoured brand.  Thomas Goode are planning further international expansion, following its launch in India in February 2019.

Ralph Lauren create polo shirt from recycled plastic bottles

In a strategic approach to its supply chain and environmental priorities, Ralph Lauren have created a polo shirt made from approximately twelve plastic bottles.  To be known as the Earth Polo shirt, no water is used in the dyeing/colouring process.  The brand is committed to removing plastic from landfill sites and oceans through recycling goals to 2025.