Purpose, Sustainability and Marketing Plans – why you need to invest more in 2022

2021 is set to be a step change for metrics that will impact on marketing planning.  And it’s six months, at most, before you submit your budget and marketing plan for 2022.

What do you need to know?

Climate change and sustainability goals are to be integrated with financial reporting cycles.  That directly impacts on your marketing plan.  There is a shift in focus from volume, to how to create value.

What does this mean for marketers?

Good news.  Leadership focus shifts from short term to long term.  Investment in your brand is vital.  But your marketing plan will need to step up.

Investors and Boards care more about how the business makes money.

And you need to include the right metrics within your marketing plan.

Sustainability is a global initiative that will impact business models and supply chains and your marketing propositions.

Here’s why:

  1. Investors are now scrutinising Boards and companies much more deeply for information on ESG (environment, social, governance) metrics.
  2. They want ESG insights to understand climate change and sustainability risks to companies, above and beyond pure financial reports. Ie the full picture of a company’s operations.   ESGs aren’t new, they have been around for decades BUT, from 2021 Accountants will have a new toolkit to assess organisations.
  3. CEOs – well 120 and counting, have already signed up to the new standards after working closely with the WEF and the big four accountancy firms. 
  4. Has this come out of the blue? No, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were defined in 2015 by United Nations (UN).  SDGS are also known as the Global Goals.  2020-2030 as the decade for action by the UN. So, the clock is ticking and the focus on encouraging companies to commit to change.

How does this affect your marketing plan?

The ESG framework directly connects with the SDGs, so they need to be considered before you start your marketing plan.  Forgive the initials but you can see why you need to start early!

It affects the whole marketing plan

Time is short, workload high – here to help

There is so much information to consider. We’ve created a course to fast-track your knowledge for 2021 and your 2022 marketing plan.

Six online lessons guide you on what you need to know and save you time.  We help you focus on the vital areas for your marketing plan in a practical guide.  You can self-pace the course and access from work, home or location to suit you.

You can also do your bit as the course fee includes a donation to Water Aid and the Woodland Trust.

The time is now to evidence how your organisation is a responsible business with a clear purpose and commitment to sustainability practices. 

Benefit your business and career prospects for 2021, by showing leadership and how the company, and its brands, deal with climate change for today and future generations.

Find out more

Find out more here.  Online course fee is £245 ex VAT.  Fee includes a donation to Water Aid and the Woodland Trust.  Corporate/team rates available, email: hello@goldcrestacademy.co.uk.

Sara Royle is the founder and Director of Goldcrest Academy and creator of Purpose and Marketing Planning online course, helping marketers and SMEs address climate change and sustainability as part of their marketing planning.