News on photography awards, building trends and AI development

News on photography awards, building trends and AI development

SONY World Photography Awards

With four competitions (professional, open, youth, student) and a rich array of 345,000 images submitted from 63 countries, the 2020 SONY World Photography Awards winners by category and country have been announced, Haridy (2020).  An exhibition at Somerset House, London, featuring 600 photographs, will be available to visit from 17 April to 4 May 2020.

British builders move into growth on rising activity

With the green light given for the HS2 project, Britain’s builders are looking set for growth in 2020. Following the hiatus of Brexit and the UK election, pent-up demand for building projects has been released, with businesses now more confident to push ahead on developments, Moore (2020).  Home buyers are also stepping back into the market, boosting residential house builders and mortgage approvals, Bank of England (2020.

China to lead in AI development

Investment in AI technologies by the West has significantly fallen behind China, where the development of technology, infrastructure, research and innovation are being aggressively pursued by the State.  The concerns, expressed by Silicon Valley leaders, is that investment is left to the private technology companies, whilst national commitment is lacking. 

According to Vivienne Ming, cited in Fortson (2020), Europe does not have the capability to run AI at scale.  This could leave China to have significant impact on AI technologies for work and society, globally.  Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichal has called AI “more profound than electricity or fire”, Clifford (2018).