News on appointment, social media, map innovations, holiday trends for Marketers

News on appointment, social media, map innovations, holiday trends for Marketers

First female chairman for the London Metal Exchange

Gay Huey-Evans OBE is to be appointed the first female chairman of the London Metal Exchange (LME).  With a thirty-year career spanning banking and regulation at Barclays, Citi, the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Reporting Council, Huey-Evans role will now focus on metals and mining. The LME handled £12 trillion in trades during 2018 and a key focus area is ethical supply chains, Yeomans (2019).

London payments push for WhatsApp

Facebook are to hire 100 staff/software engineers as it moves to monetise WhatsApp.  New starters will focus on payments, safety and spam prevention.  Employees on the project will be based in London and Dublin.  London was chosen due to WhatsApp’s popularity in the UK, Murgia, (2019), though other fast growing markets include India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. This development could be the first towards a deeper move into financial services, Wagner, (2019).

London smartest city

According to the IESE’s Cities in Motion Index, London is the world’s smartest city, followed by New York, Ricart et al (2019).  The Index focusses on 96 indicators, grouped by nine key dimensions, including human capital, social cohesion, the economy, public management, governance, the environment, mobility and transportation, urban planning, international outreach, and technology.. In rank order, from three to ten, were Amsterdam, Paris, Reykavik, Tokyo, Singapore, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna. The Index includes 174 cities across 80 countries, so whilst Brexit is ongoing, London is performing well. For a city by city perspective, visit the dedicated website here

Self-driving cars to find aid with Ordinance Survey mapping of road infrastructure

London and Southampton, UK have been the testing grounds for a collaboration between Ordinance Survey and Mobileye (Intel-owned).  The partnership has been testing map technology to help self-driving cars safely navigate traffic lights, manholes, lampposts to give insight to British roads. The geospatial data/location market could be worth £11bn annually to the UK economy.

Slovakia gains Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Defender production from UK

JLR is to move the new Land Rover Defender to its £1bn plant in Slovakia, Daniel, (2019).  In a move to reflect its global manufacturing strategy, design and engine production remain in the UK, whilst the car is built in Europe.

UK holidaymakers choose destinations outside of the EU

In a survey by Thomas Cook, non-EU-destinations grew by 10% for holiday bookings from Brits for summer 2019. This meant that almost half (48%) of holidays booked were outside of the EU.  Thomas Cook apportion the shift to Brexit worries. 66% of holidays booked to date are all-inclusive, to off-set worries on the fluctuating pound.

In rank order, holiday bookings were led by Spain, Turkey, Greece, USA and Cyprus.  3,422 took part in the survey, Curtis, (2019).