New developments in retail, home renovation, coffee, conservation and branding

New developments in retail, home renovation, coffee, conservation and branding

Microsoft open London retail store on Regent Street

Microsoft have opened a London, UK retail store, on three floors, to showcase its technology and experiences. Troubleshooting for customers is available in-store with engineers on-hand manning an ‘Answer Desk’.  Experiences on offer include video games, how to code, augmented reality googles, along with a digital DJ station, Butler (2019).  Hardware on show will include laptops, touch-screen PCs and Windows-based Surface tablets.

Haynes boost performance

Publisher Haynes, based in Somerset, has been investing in people and technology to boost revenue and profits. With titles ranging from car repair to sport, pets and sci-fi, their specialist content has helped improve performance across print and digital, Warrington, (2019).  

John Lewis extend home renovation services

John Lewis and Partners are to expand its trusted tradespeople service to include home renovation services, Cottrell (2019).  The new service will complement its existing offer and include a full extension service, from design and planning to building.  The company acquired Opun in 2018 and will grow its home improvement services.

Roadside verges become wildlife habitats

Conservation charity Plantlife is campaigning for roadside verges to remain uncut, to harbour wildlife.  With 65,000 signatures on a petition, Plantlife have mobilised individuals and local councils to let verges return to nature to protect valuable fauna and flora in the UK.

Compostable coffee capsules from Lavazza

In a bid to reduce landfill and still enjoy fresh coffee via disposable pods, Lavazza have created a compostable capsule.  The new eco pods will go on sale in the UK from November 2019 and will fit the market leading Nespresso coffee-maker.  Lavazza said they plan to replace all capsules with the eco-friendly alternative and to hold prices too, Blunden and Rogers (2019).  When combined with bio-degradable food waste, the new pods break down within 180 days (six months).  Do check local authority rules before you dispose of the pods.