Marketing career advice 2019

Marketing career advice 2019

With all the uncertainty in global markets and Brexit in the UK, it’s possible that your career goals take a back seat.  That’s why we’ve created a new range of courses, to help you get ahead in 2019.

Marketing Training _Goldcrest Academy 2019

Marketing training to help your career – Goldcrest Academy 2019

Agile, innovative and creative skills are in high demand and highly valuable to organisations in all sectors and sizes.  The UK government recognises that marketing talent is a key growth area to help businesses develop and create a vibrant economy.

One of the challenges for studying is how to do it with many demands on your time at work, home or play.  It’s that classic context of intensive days at work, return to home and there’s a to do list there too.

We’ve looked at ways to help you build in time for you with flexibility, structure and skills you need.  To help you we’ve also conducted research into learning methods, employer needs, market requirements, to create a series of courses that are tailored to help marketing careers.

There are significant trends to be aware of too:

  • Marketers typically stay 18-24 months in role – it does depend on sector, but this can impact from junior to senior roles
  • Job movement is most active at Marketing Assistant/entry level
  • Pressure for sales within existing budgets can compromise marketers’ plans, where short term focus undermines long term, sustainable strategy
  • In a tight job market, salaries are rising
  • The High Street has become a metaphor for deep change to business models and yes, the value proposition
  • Customers are savvy and at all age groups, comfortable to search
  • Knowledge gaps exist at senior levels on digital and at junior levels on marketing – integration and collaboration is needed
  • Millennials have lots to offer employers with purpose, but if you don’t inspire them, then they will innovate or set up their own business
  • How many blogs do you have to read to get to the answer that you really want

There are many exciting opportunities here to leverage talent across marketing jobs.  That’s why we have developed brand new course formats offering a streamlined structure and skills: online, four weeks, clear structure with flexibility for you to study when and where you want to.  We have a great track record for helping marketers progress their careers, find out more here.  There are study options too and you can choose how you would like to be assessed or not.  Certificates are provided for Course Completion or Attainment.  Course content is regularly updated and refreshed and new courses added too.

In 2019, your career is in your hands and we’d love to help you get promoted- get in touch at apply@goldcrestacademy.co.uk or contact us.