Marketing career development tips

Marketing career development tips

With appraisal trends shifting from the annual, often three-hour review to shorter monthly updates, how does this serve your marketing career plans?

As back to the office grows with flexible working, it is a good time to plan your appraisal or review for an online or face to face meeting.  Here’s some handy tips:

The positives

Here are the benefits of both options:

The downsides

Here are areas to consider:

The debate is of course subjective and it will depend on the culture and structure of the organisation. A process will already exist for reviews, so how can you maximise your achievement?

Ten key tips

The focus is helping you shine at performance reviews.  You don’t have to pursue all of these at once, consider what helps you most:

Identify the organisation’s corporate goals

How do your performance targets fit in?  connecting the two is vital and to review your contribution too.


Create a twelve-month view and break down your targets into monthly progress areas. Whether you have an annual or monthly review, you can show progress and attainment more effectively.

Remember it’s your responsibility

Consider keeping track with evidence of attainment. Create digital files and regularly update.

Create a quarterly review

Three months is a good opportunity to look at progress (historic) and look ahead for adjustments or improvement areas (forecasting)

Status update reports

Structure them to connect to the organisational goals, your targets and performance updates.  20 minutes admin is so much easier than trying to remember at annual review or even monthly.

Training and personal development

Remember to identify pre and post goals, that way you can show progress, ask for help deploying new skills and evidence attainment.


Consider what pursuits you do in non-work time that help you perform at work, this could be sporting, art, creative, volunteering.  It’s personal to you – what’s fun, challenging, inspiring ie it makes you different and special.

A learning log

Identify development areas where you have identified skill gaps and identified ways to close the gap.


Consider projects and initiatives you have been involved with, what did you contribute or learn. Was a role model helpful?

Align personal development and business goals

Plan ahead to discuss areas you want to develop and be involved with.

These tips are designed to be practical and helpful, so that you can regularly review areas for your appraisal, so you are ready for monthly or annual review.

Sara Royle is the founder and Director of Goldcrest Academy and creator of Purpose and Marketing Planning and Innovation and the Marketing Mix online courses, helping marketers within SMEs and plcs