Insights for marketers and entrepreneurs on smart gloves, drones, analytics and forecast

Insights for marketers and entrepreneurs on smart gloves, drones, analytics and forecast

The Stag smart glove works like human hands

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a smart glove with 550 tiny sensors.  Known as Stag, the scalable tactile glove, can recognise 76% of everyday objects, within a range of 26 types, by identifying and grasping them like a human hand would.  The glove is set to cost £7.90 ($10), Millward (2019).

Walpole sets forecast for the luxury sector with findings from Frontier Economics

The Luxury sector Trade Association, Walpole is focussing the UK government on projections including

  • its positive forecasts for revenue could reach £65bn in sales by 2024 or
  • a loss of sales up to £13bn in the event of a no deal Brexit.

The research was commissioned by Walpole and conducted by Frontier Economics, Bourke (2019).

Sharon White to join John Lewis Partnership as Chair of the retailer

Sharon White is to join the John Lewis Partnership in 2020.  White is currently Chief Executive of Ofcom, The UK Communications Regulator, McCarthy (2019).

Google to buy data visualiser Looker to improve analytics for customers

Data visualisation brand Looker, is set to join Google’s cloud arm, in a bid to enhance its analytics and insights integration service, Harb (2019).  The move by Google (10% cloud market share) is said to enable it to compete more effectively against Amazon Web Services (65% share).  Looker’s current rivals are Microsoft’s Power BI and Tableau.  Google will spend £2billion ($2.6bn) on the acquisition.

IAG search for aviation start-ups

The Hangar 51 programme will be based in Spain and seeks aviation start-ups for its global accelerator programme.  The programme is based on a partnership between Vueling and Iberia, two IAG brands.

In another air space development, Amazon is set to launch its drone delivery service during 2019.  The drones were developed in Cambridge and operate similar to a helicopter, though powered entirely by electricity, Lee (2019).  The drones use machine learning and computer vision to enable it to avoid obstacles and people when landing, Parsons (2019).   (b=0;b