Insights and trends for marketers within innovation, valuations, heritage, holidays, savings

Insights and trends for marketers within innovation, valuations, heritage, holidays, savings

Insights and trends for marketers within innovation, valuations, heritage, holidays, savings

Trillion-dollar valuations for tech leaders

Microsoft joined Apple and Amazon to be valued at $1 trillion (April 2019).  The big three jostle for the for top spot as position is reliant on revenue and profit growth, Titcomb and Feld (2019).  Microsoft attributed the rise to growth in revenue from its cloud business and Windows software.

OECD predict deep and rapid change to the world of work

Automation looks set to radically change or eliminate up to 46% of all jobs, according to the OECD.  New roles will arise though as routine tasks can be automated and new skills and occupation are created.

Honouring Leonardo da Vinci – 500-year anniversary on 2 May 2019

The innovative and versatile genius of Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated worldwide in 2019, with a series of exhibitions and celebratory examples of his work.  French and Italian Presidents, Macron and Mattarella will travel to Amboise, France to mark the anniversary.

Building the National Trust for now and future generations

Bluebells in woodland - Goldcrest Academy 2019

Bluebells in woodland – Goldcrest Academy 2019

According to McGrady and Doughty (2019), the National Trust is to focus on the urban heritage of its portfolio in London, alongside existing goals for conservation and preservation of historic properties across the UK.  The priority is to boost engagement with existing properties through awareness of their social significance and to contemporise the experience/give more reasons to visit.  An example of this is yoga at Osterley Park, starting 5 May 2019.

The Trust’s Director General Hilary McGrady is an inspiration for marketers, as she started her career in brand and marketing and now manages a £500 million turnover. It’s an exciting yet huge challenge, being responsible for 778 miles of coastline, 300 properties and five million members.

What’s on now… this time of year it’s time to visit the Bluebell woods.  There’s just time to see some beautiful woods in full bloom, check out your local region for places to visit.

No more holiday brochures, hop on Instagram

In research conducted by easyJet, 55% have booked trips based on Instagram images.  During a single week’s holiday, the research found that some holidaymakers take approximately 2,500 pictures.  Why so? The goal being to find the perfect picture to share online.  An interesting by-product is that destinations are now more likely to be booked for their photogenic potential, rather than R&R.

The research was conducted to help launch easyJet’s new Look&Book app service.  For now the service only works with European destination, but you can see the top ten locations here.  For those without the iOS app, you won’t be left out, check out the Inspire me tool.

Savings offer to come from Monzo bank for Millennials in 2019

Due to launch in the latter half of 2019, Monzo is planning to offer affordable investment accounts for Millennials, as part of it becoming the go-to app for managing their finances, Dunkley (2019).  Monzo customers are typically aged 25-35 and may have a pre-paid card or current account with the digital bank.

Lloyds trial Be My Eyes app

Lloyds Banking Group are the first bank to work with the free, Be My Eyes app to help blind or partially-sighted customers handle their finances, securely.   RNIB support the initiative with its ability to enable more independent living.  The charity welcomes a new CEO from 30 April 2019 with Matt Stringer, a 30 year veteran of retail with experience from Marks and Spencer, Carphone Warehouse and Mothercare.


Guide to initials

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)

OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)