Ideas for Marketers from brands on coffee, video games and flying jets

Ideas for Marketers from brands on coffee, video games and flying jets

New products created from ground coffee

Ground coffee waste sent to landfills could offer new products through recycling.  Whilst early days, Flat White eyewear have created a coffee ground mixture that moulds to make bespoke frames. The inventor, Ryan Davren, currently a student at Dundee University, believes the unique mix could make jewellery too, Maraike, (2019).

Biometrics might not be the perfect substitute for digits

In research conducted by Purdue University (USA) and INHA University (South Korea), they have found that from age 60+, fingerprints fade on ageing.  This means that their ability to act as a PIN replacement may not be consistent for older age groups. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are currently piloting thumbprint technology for credit card payment authorisation, Coney, (2019).

Pensioners find video games a popular pursuit

In a survey by UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), over 65s enjoy video games as a means for connecting with grandchildren and to exercise their minds to ward off ageing, Lowe and Hoggins (2019).  The trend follows the popularity of smartphones among over-65s, with 25% using mobiles to access games.

Flying cars pass first test flight

Lilium Jet, based in Germany, has taken its first maiden flight.  Like a helicopter, it can take off vertically and has five seats for use as an on-demand air-taxi. The electrically powered engines can travel up to 186 miles in sixty minutes, Mamilt, (2019).