Helping marketers navigate the opportunities and challenges of purpose, sustainability and marketing planning

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If metrics and dashboard rule your life, post Brexit and ongoing Covid, then purpose and sustainability sound like another area of challenge. Yet it’s an enormous opportunity for marketing and customers, to make better buying decisions.

The key focus is on how you think and how the organisation ‘works’.  So what are some key tips to consider?

(C) Sara Royle

It’s not a bolt on

Purpose and sustainability are about why you do what you do and how you do it.

It’s integral

To the business model and how it creates ‘value’. This means about what you do and don’t do.

It’s about partners

As the supply chain is mutually dependant, every participant is responsible.

It offers innovation

Technology offers new opportunities to innovate and/or automate, but do check the energy usage to ensure it offers sustainability benefits.

Cross-functional working

Needs to be across the company; marketers can help with the collaboration as the customer needs to understand how you do what you do.


Everyone can help with perspectives and ideas; colleagues inside and outside of the business can offer ways to identify improvements.

Back to roots

It offers an opportunity to get back to the founders’ original motivation, which can become diluted as organisations grow.  So reviewing values and assessing their relevance helps with stakeholder relationships.

Strategic focus

Marketing plans are key communication documents and plans for action, but the format may not have adapted to stakeholder needs.  A timely review could save you time and benefit budget planning.  It will also help you regain strategic ground, where marketing may be pushed into tactical focus.

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Sara Royle is the founder and Director of Goldcrest Academy and creator of Purpose and Marketing Planning and Innovation and the Marketing Mix online courses, helping marketers within SMEs and plcs