Areas for inspiration for Marketers include channels, hotels, fashion and nature

Areas for inspiration for Marketers include channels, hotels, fashion and nature

Areas for inspiration for Marketers include channels, hotels, fashion and nature

Berkshire Hathaway invest in Amazon

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment vehicle of Warren Buffet has invested in Amazon for the first time. However, whilst Buffet is an Amazon fan, it was a colleague who selected the stock, Reuters (2019).

Ovum (2019), cited by Boland and Bernal (2019), predict that Amazon will peak in the UK with 6.4 million prime subscribers by 2023, representing a year on year growth of 20%. Amazon look set to focus on smart devices, channels and music instead in the UK.

OYO Rooms plans further expansion in Britain

Between 2019 and 2021, OYO rooms plan to expand in the UK from their current base of 35 hotels to 500 sites.  Founded by Agarwal in 2016, the company is India’s largest hotel operator and has expanded into China, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.  OYO plan to expand into the EU with the proposed acquisition of @LeisureGroup, due to complete in June 2019.

Fashion for entrepreneurs and helps developing countries too – Cabi

Carol Anderson By Invitation (Cabi) is to launch in the UK with personal stylists offering style and advice to women in the UK.  Similar in concept to Avon, who sell beauty products to women in their homes, Cabi will start with 40 stylists in the UK, selling clothes direct to customers, Kelly, (2019). Cabi believe the gap in the market will be their personal approach to styling individuals with what suits them, rather than impersonal in-store experience.  Check out Cabi’s pop-up store coming to London from 10-11 May 2019.

In an empowering move for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for each female stylist entrepreneur who sets up with Cabi, they will fund a ‘sister’ business in a developing country, through the Cabi Foundation. ~In 2018, Cabi had annual sales of £193m.

Christmas dilemma for manufacturers amid Brexit delay

With the postponement of Brexit til end October 2019, manufacturers are being forced to consider new plans, to continue to stockpile or to invest in plant and machinery or factories.  Customers are beginning to make other plans too (see CIPS below).

The CEBR survey for the first three months of 2019 found that spending on equipment and new factories continued to fall, for a fifth consecutive quarter, Stubbington (2019).  Why the impact on Christmas?  Warehouse space has become in short supply and more expensive too.  The situation pitches manufacturers against retailers, where the latter have pre-booked space for the December festive season.

CIPS identify manufacturer concerns rising in April

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing (CIPS) showed a fall in April 2019.  The reason was the reduction in demand from overseas clients for UK firms, where EU organisations sourced from new supply chains from other countries.  Whilst the snapshot insight fell only 2 points, it was the fastest fall in overseas orders for four years.

The risk to nature in five charts – BBC

Purpose and priorities for nature

Purpose and priorities for nature

With an informative visual summary in five charts for business and consumers, Briggs, Dale and Stylianou (2019), complied for the BBC the five key risks to nature:

  1. Specie loss impacting on biodiversity
  2. Threats to wildlife from habitat loss, pollution and climate change
  3. Land degradation from human activities affecting animals and plants
  4. Loss of tropical rainforests
  5. Habit loss to commercialisation/farming eg palm oil de-forestation

Business in the Community (BITC) research found that 86% of companies had a purpose statement, however 83% were not sure how to implement it, Shah and Mackenzie, (2019). Areas for improvement/innovation could include supply chains, procurement, recruitment, reduction of waste, reviewing use of natural resources (eg water) and energy.