Brand and SMEs                         – five key tips

Brand and SMEs – five key tips

What steps can help SMEs and their brands?  Here’s five key tips from Sara Royle at Goldcrest Academy Limited:

Register your brand

It is important to remember that the owner adds value to a name and image. So to keep your founding focus, consider registering your logo as words and / or as an image – you can search for this on the Government website: Search for a trade mark – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Defining helps focus

There are many terms in marketing, positioning, value proposition, brand values, corporate strategy, marketing strategy, mission statement. Defining them helps own your brand purpose. Why you exist as a business, whom you help.  It matters even more as a business grows, so employees and customers know why do you do what you do.  Here’s a blog on purpose from Sara that can help, defining purpose from Goldcrest Academy.

Shapes marketing planning

The brand is an integral part of your marketing, helping with strategic decisions (goals and segments) and tactics (decisions on product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence).  Here are tips on marketing planning.


Helping stand out in the marketplace is important.  Like registering your logo, a lot of hard work and craft go into designing a brand.  This leads to images that can be unique and special to you.  Photography is a way of expressing the brand and benefits from copyright protection, here’s information on copyright from the UK government

Brand strategy

Whilst a brand does not have tangible form, it is a valuable asset that marketers work hard to define, design and deliver.  As an SME it is likely you have your company brand and use across all your products.  If you distribute products or services for others, make sure you have permission to do so, passing off or using a brand without permission is not permitted. Remember to add ® to your logo to show it is a registered trademark.

These five tips are designed to help busy SMEs consider the importance of brand ownership and help your Marketing Manager/team.

Sara Royle is Director and Founder of Goldcrest Academy Limited, helping businesses and individuals in Kent, Surrey and across the South East for over fifteen years; contact us or follow us on social Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn.