5 topical trends influencing digital marketing plans

5 topical trends influencing digital marketing plans

It’s often overlooked how much time and effort goes into a digital marketing plan.  So to help you, here’s five topical trends affecting digital marketing plans.

Freight and logistics

Market insights are highlighting that the fourth quarter will be affected by a combination of factors: lockdowns impacting capacity, lack of HGV drivers, Brexit legacy, warehouse stock running lower, competition for stock.  These trends will evolve and normalise over-time so consider how they affect marketing plans and SMEs.

Inflation expected to be rising

Whilst we’ll find out more this week (w/c 6 September), it’s expected that inflation in the UK is set to rise (Smith, 2021).  This impacts on costs across the organisation, so careful thought is needed on how to approach pricing, along with consideration of seasonal product availability (Ashworth, 2021).  For your plan, consider where inflation may affect your costs and prices.

Customer patterns

During lockdown new customer patterns emerged; some to stay some to evolve.  Interesting shifts occurring in viewing habits, with Disney and Amazon releasing weekly episodes rather than the box set (Kelly, 2021).  The rise of silvfluencers, those aged 40+ forced to look online during lockdowns have now fully embraced online shopping (Pithers, 2021).  Whilst Hello Fresh and Mindful Chef focus on younger generations with online ready meals, Parsley Box is tapping into an underserved segment, the boomer generation (Uttley, 2021).

Yet there is cause for caution too, digital access is not ubiquitous and customers such as the elderly may pay more if they are not able to go online and around seven million people in the UK do not have internet access (Wright, 2020).  For the digital marketing plan, think inclusively, consider the paradigm of skills as well as those offline to digital natives.

Eco labels and maps

Pilot schemes to add traffic light labelling to food packaging are helping shoppers make better decisions.  The focus is on communicating the impact on the environment of different food types by giving them eco-scores (Simpson, 2021).

Impact on tech availability

Home appliances, game consoles, electrics cars are all being affected by microchip shortages.  This affects practical and recreational, from washing machines to TV availability, Eccles (2021).  Vital metals and minerals, used for battery components are creating factors such as waiting lists and rising prices (Rudgard 2021).  For your plan, consider that this may be a longer-term trend and work with colleagues in your organisation to assess implications.

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