How can we help you?

With the every day rush to get work completed and ever more demanding customers, it can be hard to keep track of your career.

For success at work, you need to demonstrate:

  • Adding value to the business?

Through commercial ideas, increased effort, cost savings or higher standards?

  • Improved skills?

New expertise?  New techniques?  Taking skills to the next level?

  • The ability to lead and manage projects?

For financial results? Increased sales?  Lower costs?  Higher profits?

  • The ability to influence or lead people?

This could be to organise a client event, an exhibition or a new product launch.

  • A One-Stop Shop to develop these?

At Goldcrest Academy, we want to work with you to develop these career boosting skills.  We will discuss what skills you need to achieve and then recommend an appropriate course.

  • Flexible courses to suit your life/work balance

The course we run are designed to be flexible, so you can work when you want to.  We expect you to complete the course, but you can choose when and where you work.  To find out more, look at our Marketing courses or Communications courses or email us at or use the contact us form.

Could it be you?

Marketing courses and qualifications are designed to get you ahead, so you can put new skills into practice at work. Find out more about how they could help you at testimonials.

We look forward to working with you.