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Communications and digital marketing

Find out more about a flexible way to study communications and digital marketing.  You can choose to specialise or focus on areas to improve your knowledge and understanding.   Customers today choose communications channels that suit their purpose, time and location.  Communications and digital marketing courses help you understand customer journeys.  You will gain insight on campaign planning, digital channels, including social media, along with insights from analytics and online research.

How can a course help you?

A short course can be ideal for those who may be working at a senior level and want to gain insight on digital marketing deployment.  Alternatively these courses work well for those working in supporting marketing roles, usually in the marketing function and currently working as marketing assistants, co-ordinators or executives.

This course is appropriate for those working as a Marketing Executive or Manager within a small or medium enterprise (SME), without formal marketing qualifications. It is also suitable for those moving into marketing roles from other backgrounds or for those whom would like more specialist experience.  

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Gain the marketing skills you need at a practical / hands-on level to maximise on opportunities for your organisation.
  2. Achieve transferable skills that can help with your current or future role(s).
  3. Gain contemporary expertise in key marketing skill areas which have grown through digital, business practice and analytics 
  4. Gain a greater understanding of best practice in marketing 
  5. The marketing skills are applicable to all business and organisational sectors, enabling you to understand and implement marketing plans relevant to your organisation’s customers and stakeholders.

The following short courses lead from the customer perspective, helping you consider the implications of how they navigate purchases and how they converse with organisations.  The aim is that digital activity supports and enhances customer engagement.  The courses also help you to consider how traditional communication and digital channels inter-relate to create an integrated customer experience.

How long with this take?

The units can be studied as individual days or as a programme.  You can choose the route that suits you best.

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