About us

About Goldcrest Academy 

What’s our purpose?

Goldcrest Academy are driven by a clear purpose, to create educational programmes and projects to help marketers perform at their best.  For this reason we focus on a purpose that that is inspired by nature, to bring out the best in you, whether that is an individual, project or organisation.

The company started in 1995 and since 2006, we have specialised in consultancy and marketing-related projects and programmes, led by Director Sara Royle.

What We Do

Goldcrest Academy help clients acquire new skills they can put to work immediately.  Skills that get results for marketing, communications, digital and brand.

Who do we help?

Those new to marketing, to experienced marketers up to strategic managers or directors in Kent, Surrey and South East.

How do we do this?

We provide a focussed and supportive approach for consultancy programmes, projects and short course development.

Why Choose Goldcrest?

We have a clear set of values which guide the way we work:

Our Values:

Professional  – committed to high standards and best practice.

Clear focus – on helping students to achieve.

Approachable – with help and support to students as they study their course.

Achievers – strong track record of results and committed to helping you achieve.

Specialist – with direct experience of the subjects we teach.

To find out more about some of our work, please see testimonials.

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Company registration number: Goldcrest Academy Limited registered in England 03019026. Registered address: Old Printers Yard, 156 South Street, Dorking, Surrey RH24 2HF