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Mar 2021

Brand update

Brand update

It’s a special time for Goldcrest Academy, a registered trademark. Having been passionate about brands and worked on many,...

Feb 2021


Purpose, Sustainability and Marketing Plans – why you need to invest more in 2022

Purpose, Sustainability and Marketing Plans – why you need to invest more in 2022. 2021 is set to be a step change for metrics that will impact on marketing planning. And it’s six months, at most, before you submit your budget and marketing plan for 2022.

Marketing, Digital and Communications courses.  Skills that get results.  We focus on Marketing training in the South East, including Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.  Our courses range from those new to marketing, to experienced marketers up to strategic managers or directors.

Our aim is to deliver inspirational training to progress your company and your career. Together, we want to achieve fresh thinking for commercial results.

How do we achieve this?

We know that students achieve best when they can learn by experience. For this reason, our courses are built on four key platforms:

  1. Best practice – introducing appropriate theories and concepts that have delivered commercial results.
  2. Case studies – looking at how companies perform and what strategies and tactics do (and don’t) work best.
  3. Application – apply it directly to your employer’s company or organisation, so that you can take new skills straight back to work.
  4. Professional development – with skills that are respected within the industry and which demonstrate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to work to high standards.

We have a clear set of values which guide the way we work with you:

  • Professional  – committed to high standards and best practice.
  • Clear focus – on helping students to achieve.
  • Approachable – with help and support to students as they study their course.
  • Achievers – qualified and committed to helping students achieve.
  • Specialist – with direct experience of the subjects we teach.

Career progression.  Smart thinking.  Innovation.

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